Mission Statement


  • CONTROLLED ACCESS CONSULTANTS & ORNAMENTAL IRON OUTLET: will be the innovative leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of quality iron fences, gates, railing, doors and access control systems in northern California.  We will be the Iron Contractor of Choice in our area.


  • We will strive to be recognized for our unique ability to combine high quality design and workmanship with the desires and aspirations of our customers, while delivering consistently on time and under budget.

As we strive to accomplish this goal; we base our actions on six governing values:

  • WE PRODUCE QUALITY AND VALUE FOR THE CLIENT – AT A FAIR AND REASONABLE PRICE – In both construction and service we build and install only the best and stand behind our work.
  • WE SERVE THE CUSTOMER – We are customer driven and in concert with our standards we give our customers what they seek.  We strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations to foster long term partnerships based on trust, integrity, and competency.
  • WE WISELY MANAGE OUR CAPITAL RESOURCES – As a Company and as individuals, we use wisely our human resources and material assets for the purpose of fulfilling the Company’s vision. Producing more with less through marathon effort and constant vigilance of cost and productivity.
  • WE VALUE OUR EMPLOYEES – We recognize that CONTROLLED ACCESS CONSULTANTS and ORNAMENTAL IRON OUTLET are only as good as its employees.  We commit to provide a productive and solid working environment. We don’t just work together; we support, protect, and encourage each other.
  • WE WELCOME INNOVATION AND ADAPT TO CHANGE – We constantly evaluate what we are doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed.  Nothing in society remains the same – neither can we.  We encourage thinking beyond the conventional – embracing the concept that by breaking with conventional wisdom we often find the best path to success.
  • WE PRACTICE TEAMWORK – We consider those who work for, associate with or supply CONTROLLED ACCESS CONSULTANTS or ORNAMENTAL IRON OUTLET as members of our team.  We recognize that each employee, customer or supplier has a unique contribution to make to our team effort.
  • These Are Controlled Access Consultants’ & Ornamental Iron Outlets’ Highest Priorities.  Meeting Them Will Enable Us To Realize Our Mission.